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Friday, October 21, 2011

Family Photo: Evelyn and Eddir's wedding nite, Oct, 1951. (read left to right) Curtis Schilling, Sr., Anna (Schilling) Hann, Louise (Schilling) Card and Alice Schilling. I have no idea who Evelyn and Eddir are.

Family Photo: Curtis Schilling, Sr. and Alice Schilling. My uncle and aunt owned the old farm on Route 94 north about a half mile from the Landmark Inn on the right. Their three children, my cousins, went to school in Florida.

Family Photo: 1962 Florida wedding of Curtis Schilling, Jr. and Betty.

Family Photo: 1962 wedding of Curtis Schilling, Jr. to Betty. (read left to right) Terry Hann, Nancy (Schilling) Slesinski, unknown and Gene Slesinski. I was quite handsome in 1962.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Family Photos: This is my mother, Anna Schilling Hann and Lynn Card. He servered in the Navy during WW II. He married my mother's twin sister, Louise Schilling.

Family Photos: This is Bill Gross. His father ran the Conklin and Strong store in New Milford for a number of years

Family Photos: This is Uncle Harold "Jess" Barry. We are in Belgium in 1945.

Family Photos: This is Uncle Harold "Jess" Barry. The place is Niviers, Belgium, in1945.

Family Photos: This is my father, Casper C. Hann, in 1930.

Family Photos: This is a photo of my mother, Anna Schilling Hann, on the farm in 1934. The Schilling farm is on Route 94 north, about a mile from the Landmark Inn. It is on the right hand side of the road.

Family Photos: This is my mother and aunt: Anna Schilling Hann and Louise Schilling Card.

Family Photos: This is my mother, Anna Hann, and probably me. I was born in 1945.

Family Photos: This looks like me in front of Peachblow, at the time a two-family home on Covered Bridge Road. I was probably starting first grade at the New Milford District school. There was no kindergarten, because it appears we didn't need it. Circa 1950.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Family Photo. Schilling Family Picnic at Park/Hann Farm. Read left to right: Uncle Carl Schilling, Terry Hann, Casper Hann, Dick Conklin and Curt Schilling, Jr.

Family Photo. Casper Hann and Ana Schilling

Family Photo. Casper Hann and Ana Schilling

Courtesy of James Hann. Park Avenue School 5th Grade 1961. Names come from Jim Hann and Pamela Arace.
Tommy Grove, Richard White, Ted Miller, Stuart Vail, Donna Ferguson, Gary Griffen, Gary Luft, Jacqueline Carrigan, Pamel Arace,
Cindy Raynor, Christine Knierman, Janis Miller, Louise Cooper, Lynn Gesell, Lyne Cutler, Dorothea Muller, James Hann,
Cheryl Linton, Gail Mazuco, Bonny Beatty, Barbara Severin, Linda McCreary, Debbie Benz, Marion Langlitz

Family Photo. This the Christmas Program at the New Milford Methodist Church for 1964.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Family Photo. This is my brother Jim. This is an early nude photo. I wonder if he stopped there.

Courtesy of Lee Odell. New Milford School circa 1956. Read from left to right:
Row # 1 ?, ?, Mark Bennett, Valarie VanStrander. Row # 2 Paul Wilson, Vera Scheuerman, Mike VanStrander, Donna Ferguson. Row # 3 ?, Jim Hann, Jim Glore, Danny Vail, Lee Odell. Row # 4 Mrs. Plossil, Jeff Vail, Kathy VanStrander and Stuart Vail.

Family Photos. Mom and me. I was born in 1945.

Family photo. This is a photo from 1954. It is the annual Schilling Family Picnic at the James Park farm. A collection of Aunts and Uncles and Cousins.

Family photo. This is my brother James Hann. I don't remember him ever looking like this. He sort of looks like a member of a 70's band. At the time he was making snow and felt the need to be armed. This is not code. He was actually making snow at a ski resort in Vernon, New Jersey. Were people stealing snow? I will have to ask him.

Again from family photos. This photo was taken in 1945 in front of the New Milford Methodist Church. Read left to right, front row: Grandmother Ella Hann, Aunt Louise Card, Ann Hann and me. Anyone know anyone else, let me know.

Monday, October 3, 2011

From family photos. This is from July, 1955. It is our annual Schilling picnic on the James Park farm. Read left to right: cousin, Marie Schilling, Aunt Laura Schilling, Uncle Carl Schilling, Aunt Caroling Conklin, (?), Casper Hann.

All through my growing up years in New Milford, my mother's family had a summer picnic on the James Park farm, where my father worked. This is from July, 1953. Pictured are my cousin, Curtis Schilling, Jr., me, and my dad, Casper Hann. Curt went on to get a PhD in organic chemistry.

From family photos. This is my brother and me, circa 1952. I am the better looking one(the older one).