Many of the transcriptions found here are now in published form. They have been published by the Orange County Genealogical Society (in Goshen, New York). Volume 3 includes my Volume 3 and Volume 5. Volume 4 includes my four parts of New Milford history. There is a planned Volume 5, which will include my Volumes 6, 7, and 8, Part 1, which is about 250 transcriptions. They can be purchase through the Genealogical Society. Just Google them and print out the order form. Or they can be purchased from the Warwick Historical Society. They are also on sale at the gift shop at Baird's Tavern. I would like to thank the Genealogical Society and Dan Burrows for their efforts. Started a new blog for images of Warwick. Go to:

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Warwick Historical Papers Volume # 5, Part 2

The Warwick Institute, 1866
Exams at Seward Institute
Steam Mill in Warwick
Exams at Warwick Institute
History of the Episcopal Church
Warwick as Remembered c. 1816, Part 1
Warwick as Remembered c. 1816, Part 2
Warwick as Remembered c. 1816, Part 3
Warwick Cemetery
Warwick Inventors
WVT Communications: The Start
New High School, 1902
Local Telephone Progressing
Warwick Valley Telephone
Local Telephone Under Contract
Telephone Work Progressing
The New Hotel Assured
A Ride on the Pioneer
Warwick Country Club
The Advertiser Founded
Gibson Trial at Goshen
Gibson Trial, Jury Disagrees
Wisner Homestead at Wisner
The Wood House
The Seward House
William L. Benedict Homestead
The John Baird House
Clement F. Merrill
State School for Boys
Charles Coster Buys Ely Estate
A New Road for Bellvale
First Lady at Warwick
President and Mrs. Roosevelt at Warwick
Mrs. Roosevelt Visits State School for Third Time
Benjamin Moffatt
Mount Alverno Retreat
Two Bradners on a Picnic Bench
First National Bank
Warwick Hospital Closed
Morris Rutherfurd
The Fire of 1879
G.A. Williams
Fortnightly Club
John W. Sanford, Sr.
Nathaniel V. Welch
Lloyd Taylor
Macy's Buys Sherwood Hall
Florence L. Ketchum
Dial Telephone System for Warwick
Sisters of St. Frances Centenary

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Warwick Historical Papers Volume # 5, Part 1

Fourth of July at Warwick
Seward Institute
A Ride Through Orange County
Orange County Postmasters, 1860
Post Offices in Orange County
High School Life in Warwick in 1855
Interview with William Wisner Edsall
Ruttenber's Paper on the Town of Warwick
Ruttenber's Paper on the Town of Warwick
Looking Back Fifty Years
Lancaster Syms
Orange County Surnames from Old Southold
Michael N. Kane
Judge John J. Beattie
Sherwood Rest Home
Naming of Edenville
Hamilton Avenue School
Lewis A. Riley
Morris Rutherford
History of Drowned Lands
School Budget for 1926
"Reminiscences of Local Celebrities" by Miss Hattie Demarest
Orange County's Role in the Revoluntiionary War
Warwick Savings Bank
Albert Wisner Memorial Library
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wisner
Mt. Alverno Retreat
Benjamin F. Vail
General John Burgoyne's Army in Warwick
Mrs. Taber Knox
The Wawayanda House
William T. Anderson
Excelsior Hose Company No. 1
New Junior-Senior High School
Lewis J. Stage
Henry Ketchum Bradner
Warwick in Revolutionary Times
Raymond Hose Company No. 2
The National Hotel 1863 - 1887
Edenville Parish
Harry K. Haynard
Sugar Loaf M.E. Church
Putting Edenville on the Map
July 4, 1875
Rocket Mail Plane
Wawayanda Lake
E.B. Lewis
St. Anthony's Hospital

Warwick Historical Papers Volume # 3

Naming of Edenville
The Warwick Institute
The Telephone in Town
By Stage to Greenwood Lake
Business Advertisements of 1871
Liquor Lecenses Granted
Warwick Baseball 1866
The Charming Trosachs
25th Anniversary of L. & H.
Lighting the Village Streets
Orange County Fair at Warwick, 1892
The Red Swan Inn
William L. Ogden
The Warwick Valley House
Samuel Pelton Looks Back
Lewis A. Riley
Baird's Tavern
The Warwick Building Association
Knife Factory
Capt. Ferguson in the Phillipines
Wawayanda House
New Car Shops and Road House
William Washburn Pelton
The Good Old Times
Lydia Sayre Hasbrouck
Thomas Burt
Boys at Wawayanda, 1911
Over 500 Pupils in Warwick Schools
Old Fashioned Farming
Ice Gathering at Greenwood Lake
Warwick Light Company Sells
Hearing on Application to Restore Train Six to L. & H. Schedule
Dr. Frank Cummins
William H. Chardavoyne
Annual School Meetings, 1912
Dr. Samuel Edwin Holly
Wallace J. Dusinberre
Dr. William Batchelor Bradner
Neglected Graveyards of the Town of Warwick
Quarter Century at M'Afee
Public School Matters, 1913
Oiling Village Streets
On Wawayanda Waters
Testimonial Banquet to W.H. M'Eroy
50th Masonic Anniversary
Bad Gang of Gypsies
Cemetery Chapel is Finished
Thomas Galloway
Oakland Theater
"John Duck" Weymer Gets His Dog
James D. Mabee
Signal Station for L. & H
Recalls Early Days
Thomas H. Demerest
Historic Barn Collapses
Sayer Distillery
J.C. Wilson
Warwick Knife Company
The Shingle House
15th Year of Jersey Boys' Camp
Village Schools - 1915
Warwick Taxes: 1815
Warwick Hospital - Servin Mansion
Plans for Warwick Hospital - Servin Mansion
Milton Lee Sanford
Albert H. Drew
Milk Producers for Warwick, 1917
Eliza Benedict Hornby
Red Swan Inn
Washington Wood
Vesper Service at Wawayanda
Win Sanford Writes from France
A Letter from Win Sanford
Joel W. Houston
The Milk Price Wars
Chief of Police Joseph Longwell
J.E.V. Miller
Joel Henry Crissey
Wawayanda Lake Notes
Jesse Durland
Warwick in 1779
B. F. Vail
Teachers' Salaries 1920
George W. McElroy
History of Sugar Loaf
Dr. G. Fred Pitts
Capt. M. B. Bradner Writes Home
Sherwood Hall
Severe Hail Storm
William C. Lazear
Lehigh and Hudson River Railway
Raids at Greenwood Lake
William H. McElroy
Hiram Tate
James Henry VanDuzer
New Mill for Bellvale
Old Bellvale
Mrs. Annie E. Wisner
Warwick Fifty Years Ago
Warwick Schools

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Historic Houses, Churches, & Structures of Warwick Volume # 1 (New Milford/Blooms Corner) Assigned Nos. 1 - 99

1. The David Demerest House
132 Covered Bridge Road

2. The Martha Ellis House
129 Covered Bridge Road

3. New Milford School
126 Covered Bridge Road

4. Lazear Tavern
Iron Mountain Road

5. Thompson Grist Mill (AKA O.W. Ferguson & Son Mill)
Directly Across From Lazear Tavern

6. New Milford-Edenvill Methodist Church
Jockey Hollow Road

7. Clason/Barhman Tannery
3 Iron Mountain Road

8. New Milford First Post Office
Directly Across From 2 Iron Mountain Road

9. The Ellis House
Route 94 South, past Fancher Road, on right, currently Italian Villa Restaurant

10. The Parker House (Probably the Cornelius Jones House)
8 Jones Road

11. The Charles Winfield House
269 Route 94

12. New Milford Hotel
8 Ryerson Road

13. Stanaback Store
Ryerson Road, a few yards off Route 94

14. William DeKay House
2 Iron Mountain Road

15. Old Timbers
102 Iron Mountain Road

16. The Wiggins House
238 Route 94

17. David McCamly House
335 Route 94

18. The Sam Demorest House
56 Jones Road

19. The David Fancher House
Corner of Route 94 and Fancher Road

20. Iron Mountain Farm
33b Iron Mountain Road

21. Peachblow
78 Covered Bridge Road

22. Ezra Sanford Farm
104 Covered Bridge Road

23. Hezekiah Hoyt House
30 Fancher Road

24. Conklin & Strong House
85 Covered Bridge Road

25. Kreymer House
114 Ryerson Road

26. John Sutton House
81 Sutton Road

27. John Ryerson House
21 Onderdunk Road

28. William Eagles Baird House
Intersection of Covered Bridge Road and Baird's Lane

29. Baird's Mill
Baird's Lane

30. McCann House
100 Covered Bridge Road

31. The Drew House
10 Drew Road

32. Demerest Tennant House
House on left on Route 94 south, just past Covered Bridge Road

33. Thompson/Clark Grist Mill
Covered Bridge Road, near RR tracts, Now Pacem In Terris

34. The Elias Fancher House
209 Route 94

35. Benjamin Edsall House
35 Drew Road

36. The Bliane House
13 Hoyt Road

37. Morris Hoyt House
15 Hoyt Road

38. The Davenport House
64 Drew Road

39. The DeKay House
10 DeKay Road (NJ)

40. J. B. DeKay House
41 Meadowburn Road

41. Gil Ryerson House
92 Ryerson Road

42. John Osburn House
Going North on Route 94, the house is on the right just before Wawayanda Road.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Milford School District No. 8, 1920's

This photo is courtesy of Mrs. Helen (Hann) Barry. The names of of students and teacher also come from her memory.

Read left to right:

Row # 1 (front) unknown, Billy Gross, Edde Weymer, Elinor Lewis, Cora Decker, Clara Weymer, Dorothy Monks, Eva Romer, Helen Hann, Mildred Hann, Amelia Wilhem, Jeanette Ryerson, Catherine Keegan, Lena Wilhelm, Hazel Weymer, Esther Wilhelm, Majorie Monks, unknown, unknown, unknown.

Row # 2 Alec Wilhelm, Hubert Bennett, Frank Card, Norman Barrett, Mazie Romer, Miss Shauger, John Keegan, Wilson Vaughn, Earl Barrett, Jack Sanders, John Weymer.

Monday, March 23, 2009

New Milford: Warwick Historical Papers Volume 4 Part 4

New Milford School, District No. 8

This part was an attempt at doing a history of the New Milford School District. Most of the information comes from Warwick's two local papers. It starts with the 1880 - 1881 school year and continues through the 1960 - 1961 school year. I believe that was its last year.

New Milford: Warwick Historical Papers Volume 4 Part 1

Transcriptions of articles from the Warwick Valley Dispatch and the Warwick Advertiser pertaining to the hamlet of New Milford:
Days Gone By (Tidbits from 1885 - 1907)
Days Gone By (Tidbits from 1907 - 1911)
In Camp at Wawayanda
A Dangerous Crossing, Part 1 (The RR crossing on Covered Bridge Rd.)
Mrs. Bahrman Killed in Accident
The Great Fire of 1900
The Wheeler Mill
Camps at Wawayanda
Tale of a Dog
A General Reportage for 1906
General Reportage for New Milford, 1907
Borden's Creamery
Conklin and Strong Burns
The New Milford Tornado
Jerseys' Boy's Camp at Wawayanda Lake
Early Camping at Wawayanda
A Dangerous Crossing, Part 2
The Crossing, Part 3
A Dangerous Crossing, Part 4
New Milford Post Office, 1914
Maurice Bahrman
Warwick Folk Invited to Attend Celebration of the Installation
of the First Mayor of NYC
Wawayanda Lake Track to be Sold at Auction
"Rus" Ferguson
William Ames House, c. 1840, Burns
History of Jockey Hollow
The DeKay Homestead
A Robbery in New Milford
A Ladies' Aid Event for the New Milford M.E. Church
A Mother's Day Program at the Church
A New Milford Reportage
Conklin and Strong
100th Anniversary of New Milford Methodist Church
Brief History of New Milford M.E.Church on its 100th Anniversary
Conklin and Strong, Inc.
New Milford's Cracker Barrel Committee
New Milford;s Cracker Barrel Committee, Part 2
General Reportage for 1943
A History of Jockey Hollow
Darius Fancher House
Article on New Milford from the 1950's
The Vail Home (Ellis House)
Open House: Winslow House (Winfield House)
Open House: Charles Coster Home
Open House: Col. and Mrs. McLean Home (Demorest House)
Open House: Mr. and Mrs. Roy Vail (Ellis House)
The Rev. M. Charles Adam
125th Anniversary of New Milford Church

New Milford: Warwick Historical Papers Volume 4 Part 2

Transcriptions of Obits for New Milford people:
Ezra Sanford, Hezekiah Hoyt, Mrs. Mary A. Layton, Anna Edsall, John DeKay, Hannah Lazear, Robert W. DeKay, Sarah E. Dekay, W.W. DeKay, Gilbert Drew, Samuel Denton Baird, Mary Ann Wheeler Hoyt, Martha E. Bahrman, Emile G. Kunath, Abigal McCamly, John W. Clason, Mrs. Cornelia Burt Davis, John Sutton, John F. Ryerson, Sylvanus Roe Drew, Mrs. Frank M. DeKay, Charles H. Wilson, Elizabeth DeKay, William H. Buchanan, Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth VanDervort, Edward C. Thompson, Mrs. Harriet Eliza DeKay, George Washington Springer, Charles H. Fancher, Mrs. Mary Jane Clason, Sarah C. Davis, Mrs. Marcellus Drew, Edwin E. Ellis, Mrs. Mary S. Mapes, George R. Conklin, Darius Fancher, Mrs. Sarah Quick DeKay, Francis Baird Sanford, Elizabeth A. DeKay, Alfred Ely, Alfred F. Demorest, James McCann, E. Morris Bahrman, Mrs. James Parks, Mrs. Sarah C. Fancher, Miss Geradine DeKay, Sarah E. Drew, Henry Blain DeKay, O.W. Ferguson, Mrs. Albert Phillips, Gilbert D. Ryerson, Mary E. McCann, Mrs. John E. Weymer, Mrs. Seely Weeden, Alexander Wilhelm, George H. Ryerson, Bessie Ferguson Shear, Kenneth O'Dell, William Morris, Sr., Marcellus Drew, Georgia Mae Todman, William Dubois Gross, Albert M. Demorest, Cornelius S. Lazear, Dubois H. Weymer, Lloyd A. Taylor, Russell Stanley Ferguson, Earl Raymond, James Edward Hotaling, Mrs. Dubois H. Weymer, Edwin L. Buchanan, Margaretta Anna Demorest, Fred C. Thompson, Mrs. John C. Drew, Jacob Benjamin Stanaback, Mrs. Whitfield Leeper, Mrs. William D. Gross, Mrs. John Barrett, Mrs. Morris Bahrman, Mrs. Frank H. DeKay, Mrs. Lloyd Taylor, Andrew J. Mapes, Jr., Harry Vail, Sr., Mrs. Thomas W. DeKay, Van Dervort G. Drew, John F. MacPherson, Albert Phillips, Henry M. Sheppard, Mrs. Russell S. Ferguson, Sr., Mrs. Harry Vail, Duke Wellington Park, Miles J. Buchanan, Miss Jennie Mapes, James Park, John C. Drew, W. Parks Baird, John Henry Helt, George F. Todman, Ferrier Martin, William H. Lewis, Mrs. Fred Ryerson, Ella B. Brown, Albert S. Leeper, Sr., Mrs Vandervort Drew, Albert Howell, Herbert V. Odell.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I thought I had seen all the old post cards pertaining to New Milford, but I get pleasantly surprised when I find a new one. Here is the latest:

New Milford: Warwick Historical Papers Volume 4, Part 3

Following is a list of orginal articles I wrote on New Milford history:
Borden's Creamery
Mrs. Ellis House
The Hezekiah Hoyt Property, Parts 1,2,3
Peach Blow Farm
The Covered Bridge Section, Parts 1,2
The McCann House
The Blacksmith House at the Bridge and the Garage on Fancher Rd.
Map Resources
The Land Deal (New Milford was created out of the Wawayand Patent of 1703)
The Dekay Family, Part1 (The Dekay Homestead is really in Vernon Township, NJ, but close to and friends of New Milford)
The Great Flood of 1903
The Mill Farm, Part 2 (Part 1 not yet done)
Conklin and Strong 1898 - 1952
The Ellis House
The Clason/Bahrman Property
The Demarest Property
The Demarest Mills
Two Early Roads, Part 2 (Part 1 not yet done)
The Fancher House, Parts 1,2
The Gilbert Drew Farm Part 1 (Part 2 not yet done)

New Milford:

New Milford is a small hamlet within Warwick Township. I grew up there in the late '40's, 50's, and early 60's. I attended school there (Grades 1 thru 4, one room, one teacher). New Milford is situated in the southern part of Warwick Township and part of it borders the State line between New York and New Jersey. As mentioned in the Introduction, I have been adding to Warwick's local history by expanding the existing Warwick Historical Papers, Volumes 1 and 2. Let me start with WHP, Voume 4, in four parts. This material can be found at the Albert Wisner Memorial Library at Warwick, New York. Some of it is online at the library's website. If you need further help, feel free to email me.


My name is Terry Hann. I am a retired public school teacher since 2000. Since that time I have been working on family genealogy and local history of my hometown, Warwick, New York - with an emphasis on the hamlet of New Milford, within the Township. I have done a few hundred transcriptions of news articles found in the local papers. Also working on a project called Historic Houses, Churches, and Structures of Warwick. The purpose of this blog is to keep the people that are interesed in this subject informed of what I am doing.