Many of the transcriptions found here are now in published form. They have been published by the Orange County Genealogical Society (in Goshen, New York). Volume 3 includes my Volume 3 and Volume 5. Volume 4 includes my four parts of New Milford history. There is a planned Volume 5, which will include my Volumes 6, 7, and 8, Part 1, which is about 250 transcriptions. They can be purchase through the Genealogical Society. Just Google them and print out the order form. Or they can be purchased from the Warwick Historical Society. They are also on sale at the gift shop at Baird's Tavern. I would like to thank the Genealogical Society and Dan Burrows for their efforts. Started a new blog for images of Warwick. Go to:

Monday, March 23, 2009

New Milford: Warwick Historical Papers Volume 4 Part 1

Transcriptions of articles from the Warwick Valley Dispatch and the Warwick Advertiser pertaining to the hamlet of New Milford:
Days Gone By (Tidbits from 1885 - 1907)
Days Gone By (Tidbits from 1907 - 1911)
In Camp at Wawayanda
A Dangerous Crossing, Part 1 (The RR crossing on Covered Bridge Rd.)
Mrs. Bahrman Killed in Accident
The Great Fire of 1900
The Wheeler Mill
Camps at Wawayanda
Tale of a Dog
A General Reportage for 1906
General Reportage for New Milford, 1907
Borden's Creamery
Conklin and Strong Burns
The New Milford Tornado
Jerseys' Boy's Camp at Wawayanda Lake
Early Camping at Wawayanda
A Dangerous Crossing, Part 2
The Crossing, Part 3
A Dangerous Crossing, Part 4
New Milford Post Office, 1914
Maurice Bahrman
Warwick Folk Invited to Attend Celebration of the Installation
of the First Mayor of NYC
Wawayanda Lake Track to be Sold at Auction
"Rus" Ferguson
William Ames House, c. 1840, Burns
History of Jockey Hollow
The DeKay Homestead
A Robbery in New Milford
A Ladies' Aid Event for the New Milford M.E. Church
A Mother's Day Program at the Church
A New Milford Reportage
Conklin and Strong
100th Anniversary of New Milford Methodist Church
Brief History of New Milford M.E.Church on its 100th Anniversary
Conklin and Strong, Inc.
New Milford's Cracker Barrel Committee
New Milford;s Cracker Barrel Committee, Part 2
General Reportage for 1943
A History of Jockey Hollow
Darius Fancher House
Article on New Milford from the 1950's
The Vail Home (Ellis House)
Open House: Winslow House (Winfield House)
Open House: Charles Coster Home
Open House: Col. and Mrs. McLean Home (Demorest House)
Open House: Mr. and Mrs. Roy Vail (Ellis House)
The Rev. M. Charles Adam
125th Anniversary of New Milford Church

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