Many of the transcriptions found here are now in published form. They have been published by the Orange County Genealogical Society (in Goshen, New York). Volume 3 includes my Volume 3 and Volume 5. Volume 4 includes my four parts of New Milford history. There is a planned Volume 5, which will include my Volumes 6, 7, and 8, Part 1, which is about 250 transcriptions. They can be purchase through the Genealogical Society. Just Google them and print out the order form. Or they can be purchased from the Warwick Historical Society. They are also on sale at the gift shop at Baird's Tavern. I would like to thank the Genealogical Society and Dan Burrows for their efforts. Started a new blog for images of Warwick. Go to:

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Warwick Historical Papers Volume # 5, Part 2

The Warwick Institute, 1866
Exams at Seward Institute
Steam Mill in Warwick
Exams at Warwick Institute
History of the Episcopal Church
Warwick as Remembered c. 1816, Part 1
Warwick as Remembered c. 1816, Part 2
Warwick as Remembered c. 1816, Part 3
Warwick Cemetery
Warwick Inventors
WVT Communications: The Start
New High School, 1902
Local Telephone Progressing
Warwick Valley Telephone
Local Telephone Under Contract
Telephone Work Progressing
The New Hotel Assured
A Ride on the Pioneer
Warwick Country Club
The Advertiser Founded
Gibson Trial at Goshen
Gibson Trial, Jury Disagrees
Wisner Homestead at Wisner
The Wood House
The Seward House
William L. Benedict Homestead
The John Baird House
Clement F. Merrill
State School for Boys
Charles Coster Buys Ely Estate
A New Road for Bellvale
First Lady at Warwick
President and Mrs. Roosevelt at Warwick
Mrs. Roosevelt Visits State School for Third Time
Benjamin Moffatt
Mount Alverno Retreat
Two Bradners on a Picnic Bench
First National Bank
Warwick Hospital Closed
Morris Rutherfurd
The Fire of 1879
G.A. Williams
Fortnightly Club
John W. Sanford, Sr.
Nathaniel V. Welch
Lloyd Taylor
Macy's Buys Sherwood Hall
Florence L. Ketchum
Dial Telephone System for Warwick
Sisters of St. Frances Centenary

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  1. I checked out a copy of this document at the Wisner Library in Warwick NY.
    I have enjoyed reading it very much.
    Thank you Terry for your efforts.

    One small correction: Above you have listed the document as Volume 5 #2.
    Actually these contents are listed as Vol 3 Part 3 in the book.
    At first I was excited to learn that a volume 5 had been produced!
    Don DeWitt