Many of the transcriptions found here are now in published form. They have been published by the Orange County Genealogical Society (in Goshen, New York). Volume 3 includes my Volume 3 and Volume 5. Volume 4 includes my four parts of New Milford history. There is a planned Volume 5, which will include my Volumes 6, 7, and 8, Part 1, which is about 250 transcriptions. They can be purchase through the Genealogical Society. Just Google them and print out the order form. Or they can be purchased from the Warwick Historical Society. They are also on sale at the gift shop at Baird's Tavern. I would like to thank the Genealogical Society and Dan Burrows for their efforts. Started a new blog for images of Warwick. Go to:

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Warwick Historical Papers Volume # 6, Part 1

Note: (NM) denotes history pertaining to the hamlet of New Milford.

Union Milk Condensing (NM)
Sunday School Exhibtiion (NM)
Probable Finding of Remains of Claudius Smith Gang
The New School House (NM)
Mrs. Harriet Ferrier
William More Sanfrod
The Blizzard of 1888
James Clark Sly
Demerest House Opening
Early Hunting Scenes, P. 1
Early Hunting Scenes, P. 2
Warwick Stone Houses, P.1
Warwick Stone Houses, P.2
Warwick Stone Houses, P.3
Cornelius Henry Demerest
A Trip to Greenwood Lake
Mount Adam Granite Quarry
Phebe Burt Benedict
Soldier Life in War Times
John Mabee
Electric Light Co. Organized
Old Josiah Conklin
Warwick Schools Opened, 1899
Gathering Apples for Out-of-Town Markets
George W. Sanford Looks Back
The Flood of 1902
Village in 1805 and 1905
Mrs. Almira Ferrier Lazear (NM)
Helen M. Drew and Dr. A. Walker Married (NM)
Sayre Fancher (NM)
Mr. George H. Strong
Raynor-Vail Wedding (NM)
Nathaniel Baird (NM)
Sanford Reunion
Gunsmith Roy Vail (NM)
Rev. Tabor Knox Dies
Edenville Store
The Village Clock
Baird's Old Stone Tavern
Stanley F. Mackay Elected
President of L.& H. River Railroad Co.
The Warwick Institute (1893) Burns
Rev. Verdin and Rev. Warner (NM)
Howard Conklin, Sugar Loaf Postmaster
G. William Clark
Warwick-Greenwood Lake-New York City Stages, Inc.
History of a Hamlet: Jockey Hollow (NM)
Hunting and Tracking (NM)
Iron Mines (NM)
Blooms Corner School (NM)
Hunting in New Milford (NM)

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