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Saturday, November 28, 2009

More on the B.F. Dunning Residence

This stately residence was/is on Maple Avenue. It is a mystery to me at the present time.

The following is a transcription of an article published in the Warwick Advertiser,dated May 26, 1866.

Handsome Residence.

We paid a visit the other day to mansion of B.F. Dunning, Esq., which for the past few months has been undergoing the process of remodeling and improvement. An entire change has been made in the interior and exterior of the building, which now displays alike the liberal taste of the owner and the skill of designer and workmen.

A large and convenient cellar has been placed under the entire building, an achievement which reflects the greatest credit upon our townsman, Mr. Henry McElroy, under whose direction all the improvements have been completed. Upon the main floor, are eight rooms: the kitchen, furnished with range and every modern improvement, force pump, and arrangement for a supply of hot water; wash room, with a supply of hot and cold water; dining room, parlor with folding doors, and the library opening from the front parlor, and supplied with writing desk and black walnut bookcases. These rooms are on the north side of the main hall. On the south side is the sitting room, with a sewing room in the rear. The wood work upon this floor is grained in imitation of black walnut, by Mr. Wm. Williams, from New York city.
On the second floor are four large chambers, two bedrooms, and the bathroom. In addition to these, there is also three sleeping rooms in the rear. A large cistern, capable of holding some 1200 gallons, supplies water to the various apartments. The house is supplied with gas fixtures, whit an arrangement for its manufacture.
From this floor we ascend to the tower, and after the first flight enter a cozy and pleasant smoking room, and from this by another flight to the lookout of the tower, from which one of the finest views is had which our beautiful valley affords.
One thing is apparent in all the arrangements. There has been no sacrifice of comfort to mere architectural display, and while extensive additions have been made, an effort has been made to preserve the general uniformity. The design was furnished by Mr. D. Jardine, of New York city.
The ceilings and walls are finely finished with cornice and centre pieces, which, as also all the mason work, has been performed by Mr. Rensealler Decker of this place. The painting, both outside and inside, was done by Mr. William E. Barnes, of this place, in his accustomed finished style. The walls are now being papered by Mr. Bond, in the employ of J.G. Lugar, of New York city. The carpenter work, and general direction of the whole, has been under the management of Mr. Henry McEllroy, of this village, and the work reflects great credit upon his skill and ability for execution.
The grounds are yet in a transition state, but under the skillful care and taste of Mr.Hope, the experienced gardener, they will become yet increasingly an ornament to that portion of our town. The very liberal taste which has been displayed by Mr. Dunning is not only worthy of commendation, but of imitation. The style of architecture and character of the improvements of a village or city, is something of an index of the taste and spirit of its people. Our village is indebted to Mr. Dunning, and his neighbor, Mr. McJimsey, for two of the finest residences of which Orange County can boast.

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