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Saturday, November 21, 2009

More on the Maple Terrace Farm

This post relates to the previous two posts.

This year, 2009, Victor Robinson transcribed Florence Tate's data on historic structures in the Village of Warwick. This is the information on Maple Terrace Farm: "Wood frame clapboard Victorian farmhouse built by James Taylor c. 1840. Part of a working farm, the house was greatly enlarged between 1867 and 1875. George married Frances A. Baird. He was a member of the boards of the Warwick Valley Railroad and the First National Bank.

Using, I found some information on Garret Ackerson, the owner of Maple Terrace Farm in 1805. Remember this in not my research findings. Some of these family trees are quite accurate; other not so accurate. Be warned when using the material. Garret was born on Feb. 24, 1743, in Rockland County, New York. He died on May 30, 1811, in Warwick. During the Revolutionary War Garret was a Captain in the 1st Orange Co. Regiment serving under Col. Ann Hawk Hay of the New York Militia. At the time of his death he had ten living children. His wife was Dirkje Dorcas Springsteen and they married in 1763. One of their daughters, Jannitje Jane, married Aaron Taylor. One of their childern was James Taylor. James was born in Warwick in 1804 and died in Warwick in 1865. This fits in neatly with the information found here in Warwick.

I problem I now have is dating the house. Both W.B. Sayre and the 1805 map ( created from an article by Henry Pelton) claim there was a house there in 1805 owned by Ackerson. However, Florence Tate claims the house was built c. 1840 by James Taylor.

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