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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Warwick Historical Papers Volume 6, Part 2

This is a transcription of an article published in the Warwick Advertiser, dated July 31, 1902. The listing of businesses and individuals was actually the phone book for Warwick at that time. The phone numbers have been left out.


The Warwick Valley Telephone Company have joined with the Highland Company and purchased the Conkling & Strong private lines between Warwick, Bellvale, Greenwood Lake and Monroe, The Warwick Company buying to Greenwood Lake from this end, and the Highland from Monroe. This gives the Warwick Company the Greenwood people on their line and opens up a big territory for development.

The deal gives Warwick a connection with Highland System, and will enable patrons of our lines to talk to Monroe, Chester, Blooming-grove, Washingtonville, Vail's Gate, Central Valley, Cornwall-on-Hudson, Highland Mills, Turners, Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, Kingston and many other places in Orange, Dutchess and Ulste counties. Connections will be made with the Orange County system at Goshen, which will give us Middletown and Pine Bush, and in a short time Port Jervis and the northern end of the county will come into the combination, thus giving the independent telephone companies what their patrons have long desired - a comprehensive county system.

Cut out this list below and subititute for list previously published. The new names are included. (Ed. Phone Numbers are not included.)

Advertiser - Office
Anderson, W. T. & Co. - Store
Balley, W. E. - House
Benedict, J.W. - House
Bennett, C. H. - House
Bradner, Dr. H. K. - House
Brien, George - House
Bunn, Isalah - Bottler
Campbell, L.J. - House
Carmady, W. - Saloon
Cary, F.C. - House
Chamberlain, J.A. - House
Colwell & Lawrrence - Store
Conklin & Strong - Office
Cummins, Drs. F.M. & J.S. - Office
Cummins, Dr. F.M. - House
Cummins, Dr. J.S. - House
Decker, Charles - House
Demerest House - Hotel
Demerest P.S. - House
Dispatch - Office
Dught L. - Store
Duncan G. - House
Dutcher, Dwight - Store
Eager, W.C. - Store
Edsall, E.C. - Store
First National Bank
Gullman, A.C. - Bakery
High School
Hotel Welling
Hynard Brothers - Store
Hynard, W.A. - House
Kane, M.N. - Office
Kane, M.N. - House
Ketchum, G.F. - Office
Ketchum, G.F. - House
Knox, Taber - House
Lazear, W.C. - Store
Lawrence, J.B. - House
Lawrence, R.B. - House
Lucha, L. - Bakery
Maines & Son, D.W. - Livery
Minogue, Rev. P.J. - House
Nichols, W.W. - House
O'Brien, M.J. - Bottler
O'Hehir, P. - Saloon
Ogden & Pelton - Store
Pierson's Creamery - Office
Pierson, C.G. - House
Pitts, Dr.G.F. - House
Primary School
Quakenbush, D. - Store
Raynor, F.C. - Store
Rogers, J.B. - House
Richardson, - Laundry
Rightmyer, S. - Store
Rightmyer, S. - House
Rutherfurd, M. - House
Sanford, F.V. - House
Sanford, J.W. - House
Sanford, J.W. & F.V. - Office
Sanford, M.L. - House
Sanford, P.E. - House
Sanford, S.H. - Office
Sanfrod, S.H. - House
Smith, F.S. - House
Smith & Son, Ira S. - Store
Strong, G.H. - House
Tate, H. - Office
Tate, H. - House
TenBroeck, F.F. - House
Tilt, Sheldon - Office
Vail, B.F. - Office
Vail, B.F. - House
Vandervort, W.B. - Store
VanDuzer, W. W. - Office
VanDuzer, W.W. - House
Vanness, J.W. - Livery
Vanness, J.W. - House
VanSaun, S.S. - Store
W.V. Light & Power Co. - Office
Webster, H.T. - House
Wendover, Dr. W.W. - House
Welch Brothers - Office
Welling, T. - farm
Well-Fargo Express - Office
Wheeler, Mrs. I. V. - House
Williams, G.A. - House
Wilson, J.C. - House
Wisner, C.W. - House
Wisner, H.S. - House

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