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Friday, June 5, 2009

The Warwick Valley House

This is an article published in the Warwick Valley Dispatch, dated December 7, 1977. I didn't use the photo from the article because the quality was really poor. I used a scan of a postcard that I own, which is postmarked 1908.

Taken from the Warwick Valley Dispatch May 6, 1903 edition.


"One of the four good hotels that have made Warwick famous for many years as a good town to stop in. The present owner, E. F. Ryerson, of "Uncle Ed," as he is familarly called, purchased the property of Manning F. TenEyck in 1887 for $10,000. Mr. Ryerson has extended full as much as the original cost in improvements and additions since that time, and now has the satisfaction of owning one of the best located and best equipped country hotels in the State. There are 42 rooms in the house including 24 bedrooms. The appointments throughout are modern and up to date. Last year a new dining room and kitchen
was added to the main floor, in the rear, with several new bedrooms above, at a cost of over $3,000. The house is lighted with electricity, has a modern steam plant, hot and cold water throughout, and is connected with the Warwick Valley telephone lines. The bar and cafe is a convenient and neatly kept affiar, under the supervision of Mr. Richard Ryerson and the barber shop on the main floor, conducted by Mr. Albert Wright, is a convenience alike for the quests of the hotel and the public generally.

"The Valley House has a pleasant location facing Oakland and Railroad Avenues and overlooking the pretty park of the L & H. On the south side is the handsome lawn and residence of Mr. W. H. Chardavoyne, a view of which is obtained from the dining room. The rooms are cool in summer and will no doubt be in good demand to accommodate the many people who still want to spend the summer in Warwick. "Uncle Ed" is to be congradulated on building up such a fine property and it is the hearty wish of the DISPATCH that he may live long to enjoy and entertain others at the comfortable, home like hotel."

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