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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Warwick Historical Papers Volume 6, Part 2

Drive-in re-opening under new ownership

A long established Warwick business has changed hands.

Frank Seeber of Holiday Lakes, Montaque, N.J. has purchased the Warwick Drive-In Theatre business and land from Charles Finger and has slated a Gala Re-opening for this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Seeber, left, and Finger are pictured above at the Drive-In.

The change in ownership, which became effective on Feb. 15, marks the completion for Charles "Budge" Finger of 52 years in the motion picture business, a career that began at the age of 12 when Budge took a job with Tom and Jeff Wisner at the old Oakland Theatre. After assisting the new owner for a brief time, he will retire.

The new owner brings to the Drive-In considerable experience as a projectionist at a number of Sussex County theatres including the Newton Drive-In. He has been associated with theatres in that area since he was 15.

He is an advertising representative for the New Jersey Herald.

Seeber is active in the Walkill Valley Rotary Club and has just retired from the Kittitiny Regional Board of Education which recently completed a $6 million school building program with the opening of a new school. Mr. Seeber looks forward to being active in the Warwick community and may relocate here at some future time. He will continue the same policies at the Drive-in as followed by its former owner.

The Warwick Drive-in Theatre, located just behind Lloyd's Shopping Center on Warwick Turnpike - Rt. 94, was established 25 years ago by Charles Finger and George Miller. Miller later sold his share of the business to Russell Eurich, who in turn sold his interests to Mr. Finger. The later operated the drive-in successfully on his own since that time offering the finest equipment and services.

This is a transcription from the Warwick Valley Dispatch, dated March 16, 1977. Used with permission.

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