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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Warwick Historical Papers Volume 6, Part 2


Name selected by the Warwick Building Association for the Wood Tract - Fourty-four Choice Lots Offered - $800 Asked for Choice of First Six Lots Sold - Contract Let for Five New Houses on Sayer Tract.

The Building Association has nearly completed the new street through the Wood tract and the extention through to the Bellvale road, and invites the public to drive through the tract and admire the choice lots which are now ready for sale.

The name of Hathorn Park has been given to the whole tract, and Park avenue to the street leading from South st. to Galloway road. The street running east and west through the center has been named Burt street, in honor of the late Senator Jame Burt, and his descendents, whose old homestead lying to the east of Hathorn Park, may at some future time be required for our rapidly growing village for building purposes.

There are 44 choice lots in Hathorn Park; the Association reserves 10 of these for the surplus material, which will be needed for the grading and filling other lots. With the exception of these ten, any six of the remaining 34 will be sold to the first buyer at $800 each; no buyer to be permitted to buy more than one lot. After the sale of the first six lots the price of the balance will be increased.

All lots will be restricted, houses to cost less than $4000.00, and to be located not less than 50 feet from the street, stables and barns not less than 100 feet, no ales or liquors to be sold on the premises or at any part of the tract.

The Association has just completed 9 houses, 3 sungle and 3 double on Orchard street, all of which have been rented, except one.

Contract was let last night to Welch Brothers t to build a single house on Wheeler avenue to be completed by October 1st.

The Association will have for sale within a few days about 30 lots on the Sayer tract, on Wheeler avenue, which are much cheaper than those in Hathorn Park.

For maps and particulars enquire at the office of F.V. Sanford, or of either of the undersigned committee.

Mr. Samuel Armstrong knowing a good thing when he sees it has bought the first $800 lot in Hathorn Park.


This is a transcription from the Warwick Valley Dispatch, dated July 31,1907. Used with permission.

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